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Weekly Rankings: Conference Championship Value Meter
4 days ago
Aaron Jones is the best running back remaining, but he doesn't top the RB rankings this week.
Weekly Rankings: Divisional Round Value Meter
11 days ago
It's now time for Davante Adams to face Jalen Ramsey and the Rams pass defense. Where does he rank among WR's this week?
SXM Highlights: Should You Trade Veteran Lakers?
12 days ago
ESPN's Andre Snelling discusses with Liss and Jeff how he views younger players versus Laker veterans such as LeBron James and Anthony Davis.
SXM Highlights: Is Zach Plesac being overvalued?
13 days ago
Jeff and Todd debate whether or not Cleveland starting pitcher Zach Plesac is being overvalued in early expert drafts.
SXM Highlights: What is Zion's True Value?
13 days ago
Is perception greater than reality for Zion Williamson?
Rounding Third: Appealing to Authority
14 days ago
The Rays signed Michael Wacha in a lesser-noticed move in December. Does the fact that it's the Rays that added him make him more interesting for fantasy purposes?
Rounding Third: Blank Ballots
19 days ago
Jeff Erickson reacts to a Hall of Fame ballot submitted for the 2021 slate, and declares his interest in drafting Edwin Rios this season.
Weekly Rankings: Wild Card Week Value Meter
19 days ago
Josh Allen will kick off the action on Wild Card weekend with a home game against the Colts.
SXM Highlights: Bailing on Tua
20 days ago
Liss has changed his mind on Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa and explains why to Jeff. Jeff defends Tua, somewhat.
SXM Highlights: Where does Jeff Wilson rank among RBs for Week 17?
25 days ago
Jeff and Jim discuss expectations for Jeff Wilson in Week 17.
Baseball Draft Kit: Magazine Mock Draft
26 days ago
Fernando Tatis went No. 1 overall in the Dec. 21 RotoWire Magazine Mock Draft. See the full results here.
Rounding Third: Is Corbin Burnes Getting Drafted Too Soon?
26 days ago
Is Corbin Burnes getting drafted too soon in early NFBC drafts? Jeff Erickson takes a look at the Brewers' hurler and the risks associated with his current ADP.
Weekly Rankings: Week 17 Value Meter
26 days ago
There's a good chance that you'll see Travis Kelce out of uniform this week, though he won't be hanging out with George Kittle as he was here in this picture.
RotoWire Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 16 Observations
27 days ago
Jeff & Liss recap all of Sunday's Week 16 NFL action. The Packers dominate the Titans in a snowy game. The Raiders-Dolphins game had a crazy finish. What is Philip Rivers' legacy?
Weekly Rankings: Week 16 Value Meter
32 days ago
Russell Wilson carried your team early in the season, but he's had diminishing returns recently and you might not start him in your championship game.
SXM Highlights: Is Leonard Fournette the Next Trent Richardson?
40 days ago
Liss and Jeff debate whether or not Leonard Fournette is the next Trent Richardson.
Weekly Rankings: Week 15 Value Meter
40 days ago
With Deebo Samuel out, Brandon Aiyuk had 16 targets last week and should get a high volume again this week.
SXM Highlights: Jalen Hurts Passes the Eye Test
41 days ago
Liss likes what he saw from Eagles QB Jalen Hurts. Jeff agrees. Here are the details.
RotoWire Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 14 Observations
41 days ago
Jeff and Liss recap all of Sunday's Week 14 NFL action. Jalen Hurts leads the Eagles over the Saints. Pittsburgh's problematic offense gets exposed. Many defensive touchdowns occurred.
SXM Highlights: What To Expect from Russell Westbrook in Washington
46 days ago
Nick joins Jeff and Liss to discuss what we should expect from Russell Westbrook now that he's a Wizard.
SXM Highlights: Should We Worry About Dalvin Cook Versus Tampa?
47 days ago
Congrats on drafting Dalvin Cook and making your fantasy playoffs. But what do you do about Cook facing the Buccaneers in the first round?
Weekly Rankings: Week 14 Value Meter
47 days ago
Will Christian McCaffrey return in time for the fantasy playoffs to begin?
SXM Highlights: Is Corey Davis or A.J. Brown Tennessee's Top WR?
48 days ago
Liss and Jeff debate whether Corey Davis or A.J. Brown is the number one wide receiver for the Titans after Davis' big week versus Cleveland.
RotoWire Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 13 Observations
48 days ago
Jeff and Liss recap all of Sunday's Week 13 NFL action. Giants get a big win in Seattle. The Jets collapse against the Raiders and Gregg Williams gets fired. Does Carson Wentz get benched in Week 14?
Radio Hits: Advice for Week 13
52 days ago
RotoWire experts again take to the radio airwaves to provide advice for Week 13. Is Deebo Samuel back as "the man" for San Francisco?
SXM Highlights: How High to Rank Raheem Mostert?
53 days ago
Jeff has SF RB Raheem Mostert ranked at RB10 for Week 13. Liss agrees, somewhat. Here's why.
RotoWire Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 13 Free Agents
53 days ago
Jeff and Jake discuss free agent options heading into Week 13 of NFL action. They also wrap-up Monday's Seahawks victory over Philly.
SXM Highlights: Why is Carson Wentz Struggling?
54 days ago
Liss can't understand why Carson Wentz is falling off the cliff. Jeff has some theories.
Weekly Rankings: Week 13 Value Meter
54 days ago
Can David Montgomery follow up his first 100-yard game of the season with another against the Lions?
RotoWire Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 12 Observations
55 days ago
Jeff and Liss recap all of Sunday's Week 12 NFL action. Denver plays a game without a quarterback. Top players sit out due to positive COVID-IR tests. Taysom Hill is killing Alvin Kamara's value.
Weekly Rankings: Week 12 Value Meter
61 days ago
Carson Wentz has a great matchup against the Seahawks on Monday night ... or does he?
RotoWire Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 11 Observations
62 days ago
Jeff and Liss recap all of Sunday's Week 11 NFL action. How does Joe Burrow's injury impact his future value? Who will come out of the NFC East?
SXM Highlights: Time to Cut Marquise Brown?
62 days ago
Marquise Brown has left Liss' circle of trust. Should owners simply cut him free? Liss and Jeff discuss:
Weekly Rankings: Week 11 Value Meter
68 days ago
Justin Herbert has a nice home matchup against the Jets, who don't have two starting corners.
RotoWire Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 10 Observations
69 days ago
Jeff and Liss recap all of Sunday's Week 10 NFL action. Which teams were affected by the weather? What impact does Brees' injury have on the Saints going forward? Get caught up on all the NFL action.
SXM Highlights: Derek Carr Deserves Respect
73 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss how well Derek Carr is playing this year, despite a negative perception.
Radio Hits: Advice for Week 10
73 days ago
RW experts blanket the airwaves with fantasy football advice for Week 10.
RotoWire Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 9 Observations
75 days ago
Jeff and Liss recap all of Sunday's Week 9 NFL action. How does the Buccaneers' offense do with Antonio Brown? Why is the QB position so inflated? Get caught up on all the NFL action.
Weekly Rankings: Week 10 Value Meter
75 days ago
How many running backs do you trust? Mike Davis should get a decent run this week, albeit against a tough Tampa defense.
SXM Highlights: Can We Trust Anthony Miller in Week 9?
80 days ago
Liss is high on Anthony Miller versus Tennessee in Week 9. Jeff has concerns about Nick Foles.
Weekly Rankings: Week 9 Value Meter
82 days ago
Contrary to some rumors, Will Fuller remained a Texan after the trade deadline and now has a good matchup against the Jaguars.
RotoWire Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 8 Observations
83 days ago
Liss and Jeff give their take on all the action from Sunday's NFL Week 8. San Francisco is even more banged up. And what's going on with Indy's backfield?
SXM Highlights: Would You Trade for Todd Gurley?
87 days ago
Todd Gurley has been a surprise work horse for the Falcons. Liss and Jeff discuss would it might take to trade for him.
Weekly Rankings: Week 8 Value Meter
89 days ago
Ryan Tannehill has a great matchup against the Bengals this week.
RotoWire Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 7 Recap
90 days ago
OBJ's season-ending knee injury Sunday is bad news for both Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson in the NFFC.
SXM Highlights: Will Antonio Lower Metcalf's Value?
94 days ago
Jeff is worried that if Seattle signs Antonio Brown, star receiver DK Metcalf's value will go down. Liss does not agree.
SXM Highlights: QB Free Agents for Week 7
96 days ago
For those with QB injuries or bye week issues, Liss and Jeff discuss stop-gap free agent quarterback options for Week 7.
Weekly Rankings: Week 7 Value Meter
96 days ago
Derrick Henry vs. the Steelers' run defense is a strength vs. strength matchup.
RotoWire Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 6 Recap
97 days ago
Liss & Jeff go through each of Sunday's game. Despite Baltimore's big win over the Eagles, Jeff has concerns about the Ravens' offense.
Rounding Third: Sprint Speed Review
102 days ago
Teoscar Hernandez both hit for power and gave us stolen bases this season. How did some of the other players identified in our "sprint speed" article this spring fare during the 2020 MLB season?