Fantasy Premier League Rankings: Gameweek 38
Fantasy Premier League Rankings: Gameweek 38

This article is part of our Fantasy Premier League Rankings series.

The final gameweek of the 2018/19 season is finally here. To say this season has felt like an eternity is an understatement, though it's said every year at this time. Making things more exhausting were Liverpool and Tottenham's absolutely ridiculous Champions League comebacks against Barcelona and Ajax, respectively, this week. Left for dead, betters were basically throwing money away Monday taking the +4000 odds that both English teams would qualify for the UCL final. Down three goals to Barcelona, Liverpool won 4-0 without Mohamed Salah (concussion) and Roberto Firmino (groin) while Tottenham won 3-2 in Amsterdam thanks to a hat trick from Lucas Moura, who took on a much bigger role because Harry Kane continues to be sidelined with an ankle injury.

The two sides have very different situations Sunday, as Liverpool still have a legitimate shot at winning the Premier League title. A victory over Wolves would give them 97 points, which would be enough to claim the trophy if Manchester City fail to grab all three points away to Brighton. That being said, Man City are the biggest favorite of the week according to the oddsmakers. Meanwhile, Tottenham basically have a top-four spot solidified unless they lose and Arsenal beat Burnley by enough to make up an eight-goal differential. Needless to say, that's unlikely to happen.

Complicating matters a bit further, Arsenal and Chelsea play Europa League matches Thursday, with both teams favored to reach the UEL final. Chelsea already have a top-four spot locked up as they enter the final gameweek at 71 points, and Arsenal could qualify for next year's Champions League if they win this season's Europa League. Surely the two sides wouldn't have a backhand agreement to let Arsenal win for the financial windfall of five teams in the Champions League.

In terms of every other team, there's nothing to play for. Sure, these are professional athletes who want to compete at the highest levels and always win, but unless each player gets a cut of the check difference from the Premier League for finishing 12th instead of 13th, the monetary value of the respective table positions should mean nothing for the players. Convince yourself all you want that players want to finish 14th more than 15th, but I simply follow the idea that these guys always want to win.

With that being said, thank you for reading these rankings each gameweek this season. There are so many different ways to play fantasy Premier League and my goal was always to produce something that can be applicable to multiple formats while still staying true to the league's official game because it's the most popular one in the world by a long shot. That being said, I'm always reviewing our content and open to adding or changing what we offer, so if you have any suggestions, I'm happy to hear them; either post in the comments below, hit me up in our subscriber Discord chat or find me on Twitter @RotoWireAndrew. If we can do something better, I'd love to do it.

For detailed stats and odds, check out the Fantasy Premier League: Gameweek 38 Cheat Sheet.


1Sergio AgueroMCIBHAA23890.754.291.580.301.2485.14%48.68%
2Alexandre LacazetteARSBURA25050.472.911.080.401.1153.99%29.60%
3Marcus RashfordMUNCARH22520.403.161.520.241.3282.03%46.34%
4Divock OrigiLIVWOLH3030.893.271.490.300.8980.30%51.54%
5Jamie VardyLEICHEH26380.612.631.330.141.0624.75%18.03%
6Pierre-Emerick AubameyangARSBURA26410.682.961.260.171.1253.99%29.60%
7Wilfried ZahaCRYBOUH29530.302.130.760.241.5249.20%29.60%
8Aleksandar MitrovicFULNEWH31910.313.611.330.080.8733.44%21.94%
9Danny IngsSOUHUDH15900.402.941.300.111.4768.75%44.67%
10Fernando LlorenteTOTEVEH6070.153.260.590.592.0857.93%35.77%
11Callum WilsonBOUCRYA24440.522.361.100.371.1426.09%17.97%
12Salomon RondonNEWFULA25180.363.000.970.251.1439.02%24.01%
13Troy DeeneyWATWHUH24570.332.
14Chris WoodBURARSH25170.362.000.820.110.7222.45%14.75%
15Gonzalo HiguainCHELEIA10080.453.931.340.001.3448.39%32.48%
16Michy BatshuayiCRYBOUH6670.403.371.080.000.2749.20%29.60%
17Joshua KingBOUCRYA28800.342.160.690.091.1326.09%17.97%
18Marko ArnautovicWHUWATA19090.422.731.410.191.6524.72%16.40%
19Ayoze PerezNEWFULA28370.351.680.860.061.3639.02%24.01%
20Shane LongSOUHUDH12250.372.130.730.150.9668.75%44.67%


1Raheem SterlingMCIBHAA26860.572.551.270.442.1885.14%48.68%
2Mohamed SalahLIVWOLH31660.633.751.790.311.9380.30%51.54%
3Paul PogbaMUNCARH29190.403.141.510.281.6682.03%46.34%
4Sadio ManeLIVWOLH29950.602.551.200.061.2980.30%51.54%
5Eden HazardCHELEIA29040.502.881.330.463.0148.39%32.48%
6Leroy SaneMCIBHAA18670.482.701.160.581.9385.14%48.68%
7James MaddisonLEICHEH27640.232.670.910.233.1924.75%18.03%
8Christian EriksenTOTEVEH26810.232.690.970.402.3857.93%35.77%
9Bernardo SilvaMCIBHAA27630.231.950.680.262.2185.14%48.68%
10Gylfi SigurdssonEVETOTA30370.392.490.980.152.1018.70%15.09%
11Henrikh MkhitaryanARSBURA15540.352.610.690.231.5653.99%29.60%
12Ryan BabelFULNEWH12350.361.970.660.221.6833.44%21.94%
13Lucas MouraTOTEVEH20380.441.940.880.041.1557.93%35.77%
14Nathan RedmondSOUHUDH31850.142.060.590.111.3068.75%44.67%
15James Ward-ProwseSOUHUDH18520.341.410.730.002.2468.75%44.67%
16Ryan FraserBOUCRYA30810.201.400.700.382.6026.09%17.97%
17Mesut OzilARSBURA17410.260.570.310.102.3353.99%29.60%
18Luka MilivojevicCRYBOUH33300.321.490.680.051.5149.20%29.60%
19Felipe AndersonWHUWATA29610.271.700.730.121.8524.72%16.40%
20Dele AlliTOTEVEH17880.251.860.960.151.3657.93%35.77%


1Trent Alexander-ArnoldLIVWOLH23760.041.060.340.421.7080.30%51.54%
2Aymeric LaporteMCIBHAA29670.060.760.180.090.3685.14%48.68%
3Virgil van DijkLIVWOLH32950.110.820.220.050.1980.30%51.54%
4Vincent KompanyMCIBHAA11370.080.400.080.000.0885.14%48.68%
5Ashley YoungMUNCARH24790.070.440.110.071.3482.03%46.34%
6Kyle WalkerMCIBHAA26890.030.670.130.030.7085.14%48.68%
7Danny RoseTOTEVEH17980.000.750.100.201.3057.93%35.77%
8David LuizCHELEIA31490.090.970.230.060.5748.39%32.48%
9Jose HolebasWATWHUH23460.120.650.190.231.3049.20%27.68%
10Sead KolasinacARSBURA18900.000.430.100.331.4853.99%29.60%
11Ben DaviesTOTEVEH17490.000.720.050.000.7757.93%35.77%
12Ryan BertrandSOUHUDH20700.040.700.090.001.0068.75%44.67%
13Toby AlderweireldTOTEVEH28330.000.600.160.000.2257.93%35.77%
14Yan ValerySOUHUDH16240.
15Cesar AzpilicuetaCHELEIA33130.030.460.190.160.7348.39%32.48%
16Ricardo PereiraLEICHEH30350.060.740.270.210.9824.75%18.03%
17Aaron Wan-BissakaCRYBOUH30450.
18Nathan AkeBOUCRYA33220.110.650.240.030.1626.09%17.97%
19Joe BryanFULNEWH22570.000.840.280.040.8833.44%21.94%
20Lucas DigneEVETOTA28760.131.030.310.132.1018.70%15.09%


2Alisson BeckerLIVWOLH3330200.592.001080.30%51.54%
3David de GeaMUNCARH333071.413.245082.03%46.34%
4Sergio RicoFULNEWH252051.863.894033.44%21.94%
5Kasper SchmeichelLEICHEH333091.302.325024.75%18.03%
6Fraser ForsterSOUHUDH9003.003.000068.75%44.67%
7Hugo LlorisTOTEVEH2880120.972.915257.93%35.77%
8Bernd LenoARSBURA274561.343.347053.99%29.60%
9Vicente GuaitaCRYBOUH166571.083.191049.20%29.60%
10Ben FosterWATWHUH333071.493.304149.20%27.68%

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