DFS NHL Breakdown: Thursday Line Stacks & Strategies
DFS NHL Breakdown: Thursday Line Stacks & Strategies

This article is part of our DFS NHL Breakdown series.

Please see this previous article for the basic strategy write-up.

My rankings use a Corsi-based rating system that I created, with the average rating 100 both offensively (OR) and defensively (DR). This rating is determined by factoring in Corsi, scoring chances, high danger chances, shooting percentage and save percentage. With the current rosters I have loaded, the offense rating (OR) ranges from a best of 116.5 (TOR) to a worst of 89.4 (EDM), and the defense rating (DR) ranges from a best of 92.1 (BOS) to a worst of 110.9 (OTT). These numbers will change daily with line changes, injuries and player call-ups.

Slate Preview

Thursday offers a large 11-game slate with many wide-open games. Below is a chart of some of the highlighted tournaments on FanDuel and DraftKings:

$33 Goal (534 entries)$40 Shootout (728 entries)
$12 Slapshot (196 entries)$20 Crosscheck (294 entries)
$7 Crossbar (504 entries)$10 Twine (11,764 entries)
$5 Save (714 entries, Single Entry)$5 One-Timer (1,189 entries, Single Entry)
$4.44 Breakaway (13,406 Entries)$4 Forecheck (5,945 entries)

The following chart will be included so I do not have to bog down the write-ups with too many offensive and defensive ratings. Also shown are my projected shots on goal, shooting percentages and save percentage. Starting goalies are listed with either a projected or confirmed tag at the time of publication – this will be updated later in the day.

Tampa Bayat TOR(C)
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