Hidden Stat Line: NFL Week 12 Recap

Hidden Stat Line: NFL Week 12 Recap

This article is part of our Hidden Stat Line series.

Unfortunately, this edition of Hidden Stat Line will be slightly abbreviated, with a trio of Thanksgiving games — as well as family visiting for the holiday — putting me on a tighter schedule to churn out columns for Week 13. That's the bad news. 

The good news? There's still a lot of material, as I'll cover all the key backfield timeshares and any significant snap/usage changes from previous weeks. I'll also go into extra detail for last Thursday's game, which happens to have been rather interesting with two key players returning from injuries and Marlon Mack (hand) missing his first contest of the year.

Here's a list of highlights to look out for in the game recaps below:

  1. Jonathan Williams posing a threat to Marlon Mack?
  2. T.Y. Hilton on a pitch count.
  3. Watson with Fuller vs. Watson without Fuller
  4. DeAndre Hopkins finally getting some deep shots.
  5. Darren Fells fading into irrelevance.
  6. Back to the bench for Cameron Brate.
  7. Another busy day for Bo Scarbrough.
  8. Jeff Driskel tanking the Detroit receivers.
  9. Take II for Mike Gesicki hype.
  10. Nick Chubb losing snaps but not touches.
  11. Benny Snell usurps Jaylen Samuels.
  12. Jared Cook cements TE1 status.
  13. Seattle rides the hot hand with Penny over Carson.
  14. Jacob Hollister loses snaps and targets.
  15. A.J. Brown up to 70% snap share.
  16. Raheem Mostert outplays Tevin Coleman, again.

Week 12 QB Leaders

(stats from NFL Next Gen Stats and ESPN)

 Pass AttemptsDeepest aDOTShallowest aDOTQBR
1Nick Foles (48)Russell Wilson (14.5)Derek Carr (5.3)Lamar Jackson (99.7)
2Matt Ryan (46)Deshaun Watson (13.7)Jimmy Garoppolo (5.7)Baker Mayfield (94.8)
3Carson Wentz (45)Dwayne Haskins (12.7)Carson Wentz (5.9)Ryan Tannehill (93.0)
4Mitchell Trubisky (41)Mason Rudolph (12.0)Dak Prescott (6.1)Jameis Winston (90.8)
5Drew Brees (39)Ryan Finley (11.0)Brandon Allen (6.3)Sam Darnold (89.1)
6Ryan Fitzpatrick (39)Mitchell Trubisky (10.2)Aaron Rodgers (6.4)Kyle Allen (77.8)
7Jared Goff (37)Drew Brees (9.9)Daniel Jones (6.4)Drew Brees (74.8)
8Tom Brady (37)Jameis Winston (9.8)Jacoby Brissett (6.5)Deshaun Watson (71.3)
9Kyle Allen (36)Jeff Driskel (9.7)Ryan Tannehill (6.8)Nick Foles (61.7)
10Daniel Jones (36)Tom Brady (9.7)Nick Foles (7.0)Josh Allen (58.7)

2019 QB Leaders

(stats from NFL Next Gen Stats and ESPN)

 Pass Attempts per GameDeepest aDOTShallowest aDOTQBR
1Andy Dalton (42.3)Matthew Stafford (10.7)Teddy Bridgewater (6.2)Lamar Jackson (82.2)
2Tom Brady (39.9)Jameis Winston (10.3)Derek Carr (6.4)Patrick Mahomes (79.7)
3Matt Ryan (39.7)Russell Wilson (9.6)Jimmy Garoppolo (6.6)Dak Prescott (77.3)
4Jameis Winston (39.5)Dak Prescott (9.6)Drew Brees (6.6)Russell Wilson (73.3)
5Philip Rivers (37.8)Patrick Mahomes (9.3)Case Keenum (7.0)Matthew Stafford (73.1)
6Jared Goff (37.3)Ryan Tannehill (9.2)Kyler Murray (7.0)Deshaun Watson (72.4)
7Matthew Stafford (36.4)Ryan Fitzpatrick (9.1)Jacoby Brissett (7.2)Drew Brees (68.6)
8Dak Prescott (36.2)Josh Allen (9.1)Tom Brady (7.4)Kirk Cousins (64.3)
9Patrick Mahomes (35.9)Philip Rivers (9.0)Marcus Mariota (7.4)Kyler Murray (63.9)
10Kyler Murray (35.7)Lamar Jackson (9.0)Andy Dalton (7.6)Derek Carr (62.9)

Note: five-game minimum to qualify, excludes players on IR

Week 12 RB Leaders

(stats from RotoWire, PFF and airyards.com)

 Snap ShareTarget ShareRoutesAvoided Tackles
1Christian McCaffrey (100%)Leonard Fournette (25%)Leonard Fournette (42)Derrick Henry (8)
2Saquon Barkley (97%)Christian McCaffrey (25%)Miles Sanders (39)Jonathan Williams (8)
3Todd Gurley (96%)Alvin Kamara (23%)Brian Hill (32)Sony Michel (6)
4Leonard Fournette (95%)Jamaal Williams (22%)Christian McCaffrey (31)Rashaad Penny (5)
5Ezekiel Elliott (88%)Tarik Cohen (22%)Saquon Barkley (29)Joe Mixon (5)
6Miles Sanders (84%)Jalen Richard (21%)Alvin Kamara (27)Devin Singletary (5)
7Derrick Henry (75%)Tevin Coleman (20%)Tarik Cohen (26)Christian McCaffrey (5)
8Devin Singletary (71%)Le'Veon Bell (17%)Duke Johnson (24)Josh Jacobs (4)
9Joe Mixon (69%)Chris Carson (16%)Ezekiel Elliott (24)Leonard Fournette (4)
10Jonathan Williams (67%)Raheem Mostert (15%)Hunt, Jamaal Williams (22)Nick Chubb (4)

Note: Doesn't include routes or avoided tackles from Week 12 MNF.

2019 RB Leaders

(stats from RotoWire, PFF and airyards.com)

 Snap ShareTarget ShareRoutesPFF Elusive Rating
1Christian McCaffrey (94%)Alvin Kamara (21%)Leonard Fournette (353)Josh Jacobs (107.2)
2Leonard Fournette (88%)Christian McCaffrey (20%)Christian McCaffrey (352)Chris Carson (92.2)
3Ezekiel Elliott (83%)Chris Thompson (19%)Ezekiel Elliott (308)Alvin Kamara (90.7)
4Le'Veon Bell (83%)Kareem Hunt (19%)Le'Veon Bell (289)Derrick Henry (87.3)
5Todd Gurley (73%)Austin Ekeler (18%)Austin Ekeler (256)Nick Chubb (83.7)
6Chris Carson (73%)Le'Veon Bell (18%)Alvin Kamara (239)Devin Singletary (74.8)
7Nick Chubb (72%)Tarik Cohen (18%)Duke Johnson (237)Latavius Murray (71.3)
8Dalvin Cook (71%)Dalvin Cook (17%)Chris Carson (236)Alexander Mattison (71.0)
9Derrick Henry (62%)Leonard Fournette (17%)Saquon Barkley (235)Dalvin Cook (70.0)
10Aaron Jones (59%)James White (16%)Tarik Cohen (233)Raheem Mostert (68.1)

Note: target share only includes games the player played in. Excludes players on IR. Minimum of four games played to qualify. Doesn't include routes or avoided tackles from Week 12 MNF.

Week 12 WR Leaders

(Stats from airyards.com)

 TargetsTarget ShareAir YardsRoutes
1Calvin Ridley (14)Terry McLaurin (40%)Terry McLaurin (210)Calvin Ridley (57)
2Jarvis Landry (13)Jarvis Landry (38%)Calvin Ridley (189)D.J. Chark (53)
3Davante Adams (12)Will Fuller (37%)Chris Conley (176)Dede Westbrook (52)
4Julian Edelman (12)Cole Beasley (36%)Will Fuller (164)Jordan Matthews (51)
5Terry McLaurin (12)Tyler Boyd (35%)Marvin Jones (162)Russell Gage (51)
6Michael Thomas (11)Marvin Jones (33%)Ted Ginn (160)DeVante Parker (49)
7Will Fuller (11)Davante Adams (32%)Jarvis Landry (158)Allen Hurns (46)
8DeVante Parker (11)Julian Edelman (32%)Robert Woods (139)Marvin Jones (42)
9Marvin Jones (11)Courtland Sutton (32%)James Washington (132)Chris Conley (42)
10Allen Robinson (10)Alex Erickson (31%)Kelvin Harmon (125)Kenny Golladay (42)
11Russell Gage (10)Marquise Brown (30%)Chris Godwin (122)J.J. Arcega-Whiteside (41)
12Cooper Kupp (10)Chris Godwin (29%)Julian Edelman (121)Michael Thomas (41)
13D.J. Moore (9)Mike Evans (29%)DeVante Parker (119)Allen Robinson (41)
14Tyler Boyd (9)Michael Thomas (28%)DeAndre Hopkins (114)Sterling Shepard (39)
15Nine other players (9)A.J. Brown (28%)Courtland Sutton (112)Julian Edelman (39)

Note: Data for routes doesn't include Week 12 MNF

2019 WR Leaders

(Stats from airyards.com)

 TargetsTarget ShareAir YardsRoutes
1Michael Thomas (124)DeAndre Hopkins (31%)Mike Evans (1,597)Chris Godwin (474)
2DeAndre Hopkins (112)Michael Thomas (30%)Julio Jones (1,293)Mike Evans (456)
3Julian Edelman (112)Davante Adams (28%)John Brown (1,266)Tyler Boyd (450)
4Keenan Allen (107)Keenan Allen (26%)Kenny Golladay (1,210)Julian Edelman (440)
5Mike Evans (105)Jarvis Landry (26%)DeAndre Hopkins (1,185)DeVante Parker (439)
6Cooper Kupp (104)Odell Beckham (26%)Keenan Allen (1,184)D.J. Chark (433)
7D.J. Moore (103)Cooper Kupp (25%)Curtis Samuel (1,152)Michael Thomas (430)
8Tyler Boyd (103)Julian Edelman (25%)Odell Beckham (1,140)Calvin Ridley (429)
9Julio Jones (100)D.J. Moore (25%)D.J. Chark (1,114)Curtis Samuel (428)
10Chris Godwin (98)John Brown (25%)DeVante Parker (1,092)D.J. Moore (427)
11Jarvis Landry (97)Allen Robinson (25%)Chris Godwin (1,080)Marvin Jones (424)
12Odell Beckham (97)T.Y. Hilton (25%)D.J. Moore (1,076)DeAndre Hopkins (423)
13Allen Robinson (96)Mike Evans (24%)Mike Williams (1,072)Keenan Allen (419)
14D.J. Chark (91)Courtland Sutton (24%)Amari Cooper (1,070)Allen Robinson (416)
15John Brown (89)Tyler Boyd (24%)Calvin Ridley (1,069)Kenny Golladay (414)

Note: target share and air-yard share only include games the player played in. Excludes players on IR. Minimum of four games played to qualify. Data for routes doesn't include Week 12 MNF

Week 12 TE Leaders

(Stats from airyards.com and PFF)

 TargetsTarget ShareAir YardsRoutes
1Zach Ertz (14)Zach Ertz (31%)Jared Cook (107)Mike Gesicki (44)
2Jared Cook (8)George Kittle (30%)Zach Ertz (78)Dallas Goedert (42)
3Dallas Goedert (8)Jared Cook (21%)Mike Gesicki (77)Jaeden Graham (42)
4Mike Gesicki (7)Eric Ebron (20%)Greg Olsen (73)Zach Ertz (40)
5Greg Olsen (7)Noah Fant (20%)George Kittle (66)Kaden Smith (39)
6George Kittle (6)Greg Olsen (19%)Darren Waller (59)Greg Olsen (36)
7Kaden Smith (6)Mike Gesicki (18%)Jordan Akins (47)Ben Braunecker (32)
8Darren Waller (6)Dallas Goedert (18%)Eric Ebron (46)Vance McDonald (30)
9Tyler Higbee (6)Darren Waller (18%)Darren Fells (38)Jared Cook (30)
10Eric Ebron (5)Kaden Smith (17%)Ben Braunecker (37)T.J. Hockenson (29)
11Noah Fant (5)Tyler Higbee (16%)Jimmy Graham (36)Darren Waller (29)
12Jack Doyle (4)Jack Doyle (16%)Mark Andrews (35)Jimmy Graham (28)
13Jordan Akins (4)Mark Andrews (13%)Jaeden Graham (31)Ben Watson (27)
14Blake Jarwin (4)Jordan Akins (13%)Durham Smythe (31)Jeremy Sprinkle (26)
15Witten, Braunecker (4)Blake Jarwin (12%)Tyler Higbee (29)Jason Witten (26)

Note: Data for routes doesn't include Week 12 MNF

2019 TE Leaders

(Stats from airyards.com and PFF)

 TargetsTarget ShareAir YardsRoutes
1Zach Ertz (100)George Kittle (26%)Travis Kelce (839)Travis Kelce (388)
2Travis Kelce (91)Zach Ertz (25%)Zach Ertz (832)Greg Olsen (383)
3Darren Waller (78)Mark Andrews (23%)Mark Andrews (713)Zach Ertz (381)
4Mark Andrews (73)Travis Kelce (22%)Greg Olsen (621)Austin Hooper (332)
5Greg Olsen (68)Darren Waller (22%)Hunter Henry (578)Mike Gesicki (327)
6Evan Engram (68)Evan Engram (22%)Darren Waller (543)Jason Witten (311)
7Austin Hooper (67)Hunter Henry (21%)Eric Ebron (495)Darren Waller (309)
8George Kittle (63)Austin Hooper (18%)Gerald Everett (479)Evan Engram (295)
9Gerald Everett (59)Delanie Walker (18%)George Kittle (475)Vance McDonald (293)
10Jason Witten (56)Greg Olsen (17%)Mike Gesicki (468)Jimmy Graham (283)
11Hunter Henry (54)Eric Ebron (15%)Austin Hooper (443)Noah Fant (281)
12Eric Ebron (52)Noah Fant (15%)Jared Cook (428)T.J. Hockenson (261)
13Noah Fant (52)Jason Witten (14%)Noah Fant (427)Jordan Akins (253)
14Mike Gesicki (50)Jared Cook (14%)Evan Engram (397)Kyle Rudolph (252)
15T.J. Hockenson (48)Gerald Everett (14%)Jason Witten (383)Cook, Ryan Griffin (252)

Note: target share and air-yard share only include games the player played in. Excludes players on IR. Minimum of four games played to qualify. Data for routes doesn't include Week 12 MNF

I'm happy to discuss anything I missed in the comments below or on Twitter (@RotowireNFL_JD).

Colts 17 Texans 20


  • Jacoby Brissett's 6.5 aDOT was shallow even by his standards (season mark of 7.3), with just two passes traveling 20-plus yards downfield (both incompletions), per PFF. He even struggled in the 10-to-19-yard range, completing just one of five throws.
  • A 50.2 PFF grade was Brissett's third worst of the season, dropping his overall grade (62.5) to 28th among 35 qualified quarterbacks. He fares a bit better in terms of QBR (53.9), sitting 16th out of 32. Brissett also grades out poorly in completion percentage (64.6) relative to expected completion percentage (xCOMP%) based on the difficulty of his throws (66.7), with the gap of 2.1 percentage points putting him 26th of 36, per NFL Next Gen Stats. In terms of rate stats, Brissett is 15th of 33 in completion percentage (64.6), 24th in YPA (6.8), 9th in TD rate (5.3), 12th in INT rate (1.4) and 9th in sack rate (5.3).
  • Brissett's 2019 campaign reminds me of Matt Cassel's season for the 2010 Chiefs. Cassel produced just 6.9 YPA on 450 passes, but he threw for 27 TDs in 15 games, playing for a team with a run-heavy offense and an impressive defense. Cassel was efficient in the red zone and did a nice job avoiding negative plays (seven INTs, 26 sacks), so his solid work as a game manager paid off in the form of touchdowns, many of which theoretically should've been scored by Jamaal Charles (1,467 rushing yards, five rushing TDs). That said, it isn't the norm for a game-manager QB to account for a huge share of his team's touchdowns, and we've already seen that begin to balance out for Brissett — and the Indy RBs —in recent weeks.
  • Jonathan Williams touched the ball on the first four snaps of the game and never looked back, finishing with a 26-104-1 rushing line and 3-17-0 receiving line on 67% of snaps, i.e., he was a direct replacement for Marlon Mack (broken hand).
  • Williams forced eight missed tackles on 29 touches and averaged 3.0 yards after contact per carry. The sample obviously is small — 41 carries and four catches — but his 142.7 elusive rating from PFF is tops in the league among all RBs with 40 or more carries this season. Might Williams steal a good chunk of the carries — more than Jordan Wilkins had been taking — even after Mack returns?
  • Wilkins played one snap on offense and 12 on special teams, while Nyheim Hines played 33% of snaps and had season highs for both carries (nine) and rushing yards (51). The scatback also caught two of three targets for 10 yards.
  • T.Y. Hilton led the Colts with six targets, but he played just 37% of snaps in his first game back from a calf injury.
  • Zach Pascal finished without a catch on one target despite playing 88% of snaps. He has 43 yards on 192 snaps over the past three weeks.
  • Marcus Johnson also had no catches and just one target, unable to take advantage of 63% snap share (he essentially rotated with Hilton).
  • Slot man Chester Rogers played 61% of snaps and caught his lone target for 12 yards.
  • Eric Ebron led the team with four catches for 44 yards, drawing five targets on 43% of snaps. He spiked up to 61% snap share Week 10, but he's otherwise landed in the 33-to-52% range each week, with 2-to-5 targets in all of those games. Those will now have to go elsewhere with Ebron landing on IR after the game.
  • Jack Doyle bounced back from a zero-target performance the previous week, logging 69% of snaps and catching three of four targets for 28 yards. He's played at least 60% of snaps every week this season, but the last three games have been below 70%, while each of the previous five was in the 70s. It's not a huge difference, but every little bit matters when you're already a marginal fantasy asset, so Ebron's ankle injury could make a big difference for Doyle. He ran a route on 54% of dropbacks the past three games, compared to 59% over the first eight games, per PFF.
  • CB Pierre Desir allowed four catches for 86 yards on five targets into his coverage in his first game back from a hamstring injury. He's given up 10.8 yards per target and three touchdowns on 235 cover snaps this season, after allowing just 7.6 YPT and two TDs on 681 cover snaps during his breakout 2018 campaign, per PFF. Desir has dealt with knee and hamstring injuries since Week 2, so that's likely playing a role in the brutal season. His PFF grade (45.4) ranks 108th out of 114 qualified cornerbacks.
  • Darius Leonard's three best PFF grades of the season have come in the past three weeks, with the star linebacker now up to five consecutive games without a missed tackle, per PFF.


  • Deshaun Watson's 13.7 aDOT on Thursday was the deepest we've seen from any quarterback in a single game (min. 20 attempts) since Ryan Fitzpatrick back in Week 1 (15.5). The performance pushed Watson's 2019 aDOT up to 8.9, good for 11th deepest in the league. His aDOT in the three games Will Fuller missed? 7.0, 6.5, 8.0.
  • Despite missing those three games and the vast majority of a fourth, Fuller accounts for 20 of Houston's 55 targets (36 percent) that have gone 20-plus yards downfield, per PFF. He has eight catches and a league-high six drops on those passes, while no other player has dropped more than two deep balls this year.
  • Fuller and DeAndre Hopkins both went 2-for-3 on downfield targets Thursday, with the latter converting both of those catches for touchdowns to break his 2-for-11 deep-ball slump through the first 10 games of the year. Hopkins is now averaging 1.3 deep targets per game, slowly inching toward his 2018 mark of 1.6 per game (he had two the prior week in Baltimore, including a potential TD that was ruined by what should've been a pass-interference penalty on Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey).
  • Fuller looked perfectly healthy in his first game back from a hamstring injury, leading the team in catches (seven), targets (11) and receiving yards (140) while playing 90% of snaps.
  • Kenny Stills saw two targets on 63% of snaps, while DeAndre Carter strictly played special teams and Keke Coutee was a healthy scratch.
  • The Texans stuck with their frequent use of two-TE formations, playing Darren Fells on 88% of snaps, Jordan Akins on 47% and Jordan Thomas (making his season debut) on 12%.
  • Fells has three catches and eight targets on 151 snaps over the past three games. He's run a route on 61% of QB dropbacks in that span, down only slightly from 63% over the four-week stretch before that (when he had 174 yards and four TDs), per PFF. He's still running plenty of routes but isn't seeing passes anymore.
  • Carlos Hyde played 49% of snaps and took 16 carries for 67 yards, highlighted by a 33-yard scamper early in the fourth quarter. He was stopped for two yards or less on 11 of his 16 carries, continuing a trend of reliance on long gains. He's picked up 33% of his rushing yardage on gains of 15-plus yards, tied for the seventh-highest rate among the 30 running backs with 100 or more carries, per PFF. Hyde gained 13% of his yards on those plays in 2018, which was a huge drop from 29% in 2017 and 31% in 2016.
  • Duke Johnson had five carries, one target and 30 scrimmage yards on 51% of snaps. He's seen just three targets in two games since Houston's bye, after drawing either four or five in four consecutive games Weeks 6-9. His 2019 averages are down to 5.9 carries, 3.2 targets and 53.6 scrimmage yards per game, while his PFF elusive rating (119.1) is second best among all RBs with more than 10 carries.
  • CB Vernon Hargreaves held up well in his first game for Houston, allowing five catches for 32 yards on six targets while playing 82% of defensive snaps. The Texans were missing both Bradley Roby (hamstring) and Lonnie Johnson (ankle) at cornerback.

Buccaneers 35 Falcons 22


  • Jameis Winston notched his sixth straight game with more than 300 passing yards and a third consecutive week with multiple interceptions. He finished without a sack, after being sacked at least twice in every other game this year.
  • Ronald Jones led the backfield with 12 carries, three targets, 67 yards and a TD on 50% of snaps, with his score coming from four yards out. It was his third carry inside the 10-yard line over the past four games, and each has been converted for a score.
  • Peyton Barber still gets just enough work to annoy Jones' fantasy managers, taking 11 carries and one target for 32 yards while playing 23% of snaps in Sunday's win. Barber didn't have any touches in the red zone.
  • Breshad Perriman caught his only target for 44 yards on 39% of snaps, and Scott Miller caught his lone target for eight yards on 29%. The Bucs are still having them share the No. 3 WR role.
  • O.J. Howard rebounded with 77% of snaps, up from 24% the previous week. He caught just one pass for 10 yards on two targets, but he didn't have any drops or penalties, so maybe Bruce Arians was pleased.
  • Cameron Brate dropped to 32% of snaps and one target, down from 75% and 14 the week prior.
  • Mike Evans led the team with 30 routes, followed by Chris Godwin (29), Howard (17), Perriman (14), Miller (13), Jones (13) and Brate (8), per PFF.


  • Brian Hill led the backfield with 59% of snaps, taking nine carries for 14 yards and catching three of four targets for 13 yards. His 28 touches the past two weeks have produced just one play longer than eight yards.
  • Calvin Ridley led the WRs with 85% of snaps, going for 6-85-1 on 14 targets and adding a carry for 15 yards. He's played at least 80% of snaps each week since the Mohamed Sanu trade, averaging 5.3 catches for 81.5 yards and 0.5 TDs on 8.5 targets.
  • A shoulder injury limited Julio Jones to a season-low 56% snap share and a 5-68-0 receiving line on nine targets.
  • Russell Gage picked up the slack with career-high 74% snap share, establishing personal bests across the board with eight catches for 76 yards on 10 targets. He's averaging 5.3 catches for 47.3 yards on 7.0 targets in four games since the Sanu trade.
  • Jaeden Graham filled in for Austin Hooper (knee) with 66% of snaps, catching one of two targets for 53 yards. He has four targets in two weeks since the Hooper injury.
  • Jones' injury opened the door for Christian Blake, who caught just two of nine targets for 16 yards on 44% snap share.
  • Ridley ran 57 routes on 62 dropbacks, followed by Gage (51), Graham (41), Hill (32), Jones (32), and Blake (30), per PFF.

Lions 16 Redskins 19


  • Jeff Driskel finished with three interceptions, six sacks and a fumble.
  • Bo Scarbrough rumbled for 98 yards on 18 carries, but he only drew one target and also lost a fumble. He easily led the backfield with 51% snap share, ahead of Ty Johnson (36%) and J.D. McKissic (15%).
  • Johnson had four carries, two targets and 21 yards. McKissic added one carry, two targets and 20 yards.
  • Kenny Golladay caught each of his four targets for 61 yards. He's averaging 2.7 catches for 50.7 yards and 0.33 TDs on 6.0 targets in Driskel's starts.
  • Marvin Jones went for 5-46-0 on 11 targets. He's averaging 4.7 catches for 55.3 yards and 0.66 TDs on 7.3 targets in Driskel's starts.
  • Danny Amendola is also cratering with Driskel under center, averaging 3.7 catches for 32.3 yards on 5.3 targets.
  • T.J. Hockenson dropped to season-low 44% snap share and finished without a catch on two targets, likely impacted as much by the shoulder issue that put him on the injury report as his QB. Logan Thomas took advantage with two catches for 24 yards and a TD on 37% snap share.


  • Derrius Guice led the backfield with 43% snap share, taking 10 carries for 32 yards and catching one of two targets for six yards.
  • Adrian Peterson wasn't too far behind at 33% of snaps, with 10 carries for 27 yards and a 22-yard gain on his lone target.
  • Wendell Smallwood still got some work on passing downs, finishing with one target and no carries on 27% of snaps. Chris Thompson (toe) may return soon.
  • Terry McLaurin played 98% of snaps and led the team across the board with five catches for 72 yards on 12 targets. He did have a drop, his sixth of the year, per PFF.
  • Paul Richardson re-injured his hamstring after 15 plays, allowing Kelvin Harmon to see 63% snap share en route to three catches for 43 yards on six targets. The rookie sixth-round pick had five catches for 53 yards on six targets the previous week, and he's now up to 16-171-0 on 21 targets for the season — a 76.2% catch rate and 8.1 YPT.

Dolphins 24 Browns 41


  • Kalen Ballage got eight touches while playing 38% of snaps, down from 24 and 14 touches on 82% and 77% of snaps the previous two weeks. Are the Dolphins finally accepting the painfully obvious reality of his incompetence? Maybe not...
  • Patrick Laird benefited with season-high 37% snap share, but he finished with just three carries, one target and 20 yards.
  • Myles Gaskin handled the remaining 25%, with four carries, one target and 17 yards.
  • DeVante Parker played every snap on offense, leading the team in targets (11), catches (six) and receiving yards (91). He's drawn 10, 10 and 11 targets in the three games since Preston Williams suffered a torn ACL, averaging 6.0 receptions for 98.3 yards.
  • Allen Hurns functioned as the No. 2 receiver for a third straight week, catching four of seven targets for 42 yards and a touchdown on 90% of snaps. He's played 89%, 87% and 90% in three games since the Williams injury, averaging 3.3 catches for 42.3 yards on 5.7 targets.
  • Jakeem Grant left with an ankle injury after three snaps, allowing Albert Wilson to handle the No. 3 receiver job uncontested. Wilson finished with a 6-33-0 receiving line on seven targets and 48% of snaps, but he was forced out with an injury of his own (ribs) in the fourth quarter.
  • Mike Gesicki bumped up to career-high 90% snap share and also scored his first NFL touchdown, posting a 3-28-1 receiving line on seven targets. He had exactly six targets in each of Miami's previous three games. Gesicki has played 86% and 90% of snaps the past two weeks, after landing in the 43-to-67% range each of the first nine games.


  • Baker Mayfield's three best QBRs of the season have come in the past three games, all wins for the Browns. He has season highs in a number of categories Sunday, including QBR (93.4), PFF grade (89.3) and completion percentage (70.6).
  • Nick Chubb's 57% snap share was a season low, but that didn't stop him from reaching 20 carries for a sixth straight game. He finished with a 21-106-1 rushing line and a 3-58-0 receiving line on four targets, putting him at 68 carries and nine targets in three games with Kareem Hunt playing.
  • Hunt also took 57% of snaps, with an 8-37-1 rushing line and 2-9-0 receiving line on three targets. He scored from six yards out in the second quarter, while Chubb had a five-yard TD in garbage time. Hunt only had three touches after halftime.
  • Jarvis Landry found the end zone for a fourth straight game, this time putting up a 10-148-2 receiving line on 13 targets. He has at least three catches and five targets in every game this season, including double-digit targets in four of his last five. He's now on pace for an 86-1,126-7 receiving line.
  • Odell Beckham went for 6-84-1 on eight targets, also picking up two defensive pass interference penalties for 42 yards.
  • No. 3 receiver Rashard Higgins played 33% of snaps and finished without a catch on one target. He has eight targets on 145 snaps in six games.

Steelers 16 Bengals 10


  • Mason Rudolph was benched early in the third quarter, finishing 8-of-16 passing for 85 yards, with zero TDs, one INT and one sack. Devlin Hodges had a 79-yard TD pass to James Washington, but the rookie otherwise struggled, completing four of his other 10 throws for 39 yards, taking two sacks in the process.
  • Benny Snell led the backfield with a 21-98-0 rushing line and one catch for five yards, logging 49% of snaps.
  • Jaylen Samuels finished second with 30% of snaps, but he was limited to two carries for six yards and three catches for 26 yards on three targets.
  • Kerrith Whyte added six carries for 43 yards on 9% of snaps, and even Trey Edmunds got two carries for seven yards on 16%. That's right; the Steelers had four different RBs take snaps and carries in a contest where the outcome was in question the entire time.
  • Washington led the WRs with 78% of snaps, and he also led the team with seven targets.
  • Diontae Johnson was second with 68% of snaps and six targets.
  • Tevin Jones was the No. 3 receiver, catching one of three targets for nine yards on 53% snap share.
  • Vance McDonald had just one catch for one yard despite leading all Pittsburgh skill-position players with 85% snap share. That's actually a drop from 97% and 96% the previous two weeks, but it's probably the best one could expect in game that saw the Steelers pile up 38 carries.


  • Ryan Finley completed 46.1% of his passes, after 53.3% and 41.9% in his first two games. He also took four sacks and fumbled twice, bringing him up to 11 sacks and four fumbles in three games.
  • Joe Mixon took 18 carries for 79 yards but didn't draw any targets, playing 69% of snaps. It was his fourth straight game with 15 or more carries and 77 or more scrimmage yards.
  • Giovani Bernard had three catches for 31 yards on 36% of snaps, still replacing Mixon in obvious passing situations.
  • Tyler Eifert saw one target on 38% of snaps, his third straight week below 40%.
  • Tyler Boyd played every snap on offense and needed legitimate magic to finish with a 5-101-1 receiving line in this putrid offense. He made ridiculous catches on back-to-back plays in the second quarter, piling up 62 yards and a touchdown in a hurry:
  • Auden Tate played 86% of snaps and caught one of three targets for 10 yards. He's averaging 2.7 catches for 34 yards on 5.0 targets since Finley took over at quarterback. Prior to that, Tate averaged 4.3 catches for 64.2 yards and 0.2 TDs on 8.7 targets over a six-game stretch with Andy Dalton.
  • Alex Erickson played 79% of snaps and finished second on the team with eight targets, catching two for 43 yards. He's averaging 1.0 catch for 14.3 yards on 5.0 targets in three games with the Finleymonster.

Panthers 31 Saints 34


  • Kyle Allen rebounded from a four-pick meltdown the previous week, but he still took four sacks, marking five consecutive games with three or more. He's been sacked multiple times in each of his nine starts, with a 9.1% sack rate placing 32nd of 34 qualified passers.
  • D.J. Moore scored his second and third touchdowns of the year, putting up a season-high 126 yards despite seeing his fewest targets (nine) since Week 8. He now has seven consecutive games with at least eight targets and five receptions, along with four straight games with 95 or more yards.
  • Curtis Samuel, on the other hand, caught one of four targets for nine yards, doing most of his damage on the ground (four carries for 40 yards). He did draw a PI penalty in the end zone to set up Moore's second touchdown of the afternoon, but Samuel also was charged with a pair of drops, per PFF. Samuel's four targets were his fewest since Week 1.
  • Greg Olsen's 5-44-0 receiving line on seven targets marked his fourth straight game with at least five targets and 40 yards. He had a brutal four-week slump before that, but he's back on the TE1 map even without any touchdowns since Week 3.


  • Alvin Kamara played 67% of snaps, with 11 carries, nine targets and 102 yards. He was quiet throughout the first half, but he broke off a 30-yard scamper in the third quarter and later had five touches for 37 yards on the game-winning drive.
  • Latavius Murray had a 7-64-1 rushing line but no targets on 39% of snaps. He played 24% and 40% of snaps in the previous two games since Kamara returned from an ankle injury. Murray has averaged 7.3 carries, 1.7 targets and 38.3 yards in that three-game span.
  • Jared Cook had a season-best 6-99-1 receiving line on eight targets, despite dropping down to 59% of snaps (70% and 70% the previous two weeks).
  • Cook is averaging 4.0 catches for 60.8 yards and 0.5 TDs on 5.8 targets in the four full games he has played with Drew Brees.
  • Tre'Quan Smith played 71% of snaps and caught one of three targets for a 13-yard touchdown, while Ted Ginn played 59% and hauled in two of targets for 38 yards. Ginn should've had a 50-yard gain to convert a 3rd-and-8 early in the fourth quarter, but he wasn't able to hold onto the ball once a defender made contact.
  • Michael Thomas led the team with 41 routes, followed by Smith (30), Ginn (30), Cook (30) and Kamara (27), per PFF.

Broncos 3 Bills 20


  • Brandon Allen completed 10 of 25 passes for 82 yards, with an interception and four sacks (for 33 yards). Thus, the Broncos had 49 net passing yards, good for 1.7 NY/A.
  • Phillip Lindsay had a 13-to-2 carry advantage and 3-to-2 target advantage over Royce Freeman, but the latter actually got one more snap (56% to 54%). That actually isn't bad for Lindsay, as his snap share dropped as low as 40% earlier this season when the Broncos were forced into comeback mode.
  • Over the past two weeks, Lindsay has 29 carries, five targets and 143 scrimmage yards, while Freeman has 10 carries, three targets and 74 yards.
  • Playing through an ankle injury, Courtland Sutton caught one of eight targets for 27 yards on 100% snap share. His reception came on his first target of the game, with Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White dominating the battle thereafter.
  • Tim Patrick played 64% of snaps and caught one of three targets for three yards. DaeSean Hamilton played 66% and finished without a catch on one target. Hamilton now has four straight weeks with 32 or more snaps and no receptions.
  • Noah Fant played 74% of snaps and caught three of five targets for 14 yards. He's now averaging 3.8 catches for 53.8 yards and 0.25 TDs on 7.0 targets in four games since the Emmanuel Sanders trade.
  • Sutton led the team with 31 routes, followed by Hamilton (23), Patrick (23), Fant (21), Freeman (14) and Lindsay (13), per PFF.


  • Devin Singletary had a 21-106-0 rushing line and 1-8-0 receiving line (two targets) on 71% of snaps. It was his fifth straight game playing at least two-third of the snaps, and his fourth consecutive game with double-digit touches. However, he hasn't taken a carry inside the 10-yard line over the past three weeks, while Frank Gore has seen three in that span.
  • Gore played 29% of snaps Sunday, taking 15 carries for 65 yards, without any targets.
  • John Brown had season lows for catches (two), yards (39) and targets (four), but a 34-yard touchdown grab in the fourth quarter gave him double-digit PPR points for an eighth straight game.
  • Cole Beasley led the team in every major category with a 6-76-1 receiving line on nine targets, playing 81% of snaps. He played 90% of snaps the previous week, increasingly getting more work outside. Beasley's 23 snaps lined up wide in Week 11 were a career high, and he added 13 more Sunday against Denver, per PFF.
  • Isaiah McKenzie was the clear No. 3 receiver with 78% of snaps, far ahead of Robert Foster (12%) and Andre Roberts (5%). Foster did have a 22-yard carry and a 24-yard catch, while McKenzie lost five yards on his lone carry and caught two of three targets for 13 yards.
  • Dawson Knox caught both of his targets for 11 yards, but his 78% snap share was a career high. He's landed in the 70s three of the past four weeks, averaging just 3.3 targets in that stretch.

Raiders 3 Jets 34


  • Derek Carr had a rough afternoon, and he didn't get much help with the Raiders dropping five passes, per PFF. Darren Waller accounted for two, with Tyrell Williams, Hunter Renfrow and Jalen Richard chipping in one apiece.
  • Josh Jacobs had season lows for carries (10), rushing yards (34), scrimmage yards (36) and snap share (39%), with his final touch occurring at the six-minute mark of the third quarter.
  • The Raiders have lost four games by a margin of 18-plus points this season, with Jacobs averaging 13.3 carries and 1.5 targets in those contests. Overall, he averages 18.3 carries and 2.2 targets.
  • Jalen Richard also played 39% of snaps, taking two carries for four yards and hauling in six of seven targets for 47 yards. DeAndre Washington added six carries for 19 yards and one catch for no gain on 22% of snaps.
  • Tyrell Williams played 76% of snaps, catching two of six targets for 18 yards. He's landed in the range of 4-to-7 targets each week this season, and he's averaging a 3-53-0.2 line on 5.0 targets in five games since returning from a foot injury.
  • Zay Jones played 90% of snaps and caught both of his targets for five yards. He's played at least two-thirds of snaps in four consecutive games but hasn't gone over 25 yards or four targets in any of them.
  • Waller played 90% of snaps and caught three of six targets for 41 yards. That marks four straight weeks with fewer than eight targets and no touchdown.
  • Renfrow played just 42% of snaps, leaving early due to injury, and caught three of five targets for 31 yards. Despite landing below 60% snap share most weeks, he's working on five straight games with at least four targets, three catches and 31 yards – a streak that will probably now come to an end.
  • Waller leads the Raiders with 28 targets the past five games, followed closely by Renfrow (27) and Williams (25), with Richard (19) and even Jacobs (13) not all that far behind. The even distribution stands in contract to the team's heavy reliance on Waller and Williams at the beginning of the season.


  • Le'Veon Bell played 57% of snaps, after 56% the previous week. His three smallest snap shares have come in the past three weeks, after he logged 83% or more in each of the Jets' first eight games.
  • Bell nonetheless had one of his better games of the year, taking 12 carries for 49 yards and hauling in each of his five targets for 59 yards. He didn't get any touches over the final 18 minutes of the blowout win, and his snap share was closer to 75% while the game was still semi-competitive.
  • Bilal Powell had six touches for 20 yards on 24% of snaps, with Ty Montgomery adding six touches for 23 yards on 19%. Josh Adams chipped in four carries for six yards on 8%, getting all of his work on the final drive. Montgomery saw each of his six touches on the penultimate drive, while Powell typically was the one to sub in for Bell before the game got out of hand. Handcuff advantage: Powell.
  • Ryan Griffin played 87% of snaps and had a 3-13-1 line on three targets. He has five TDs in the past seven games but is averaging just 3.7 targets in that stretch.
  • Robby Anderson's 83% snap share and five targets were right in line with season averages, but he actually did something with the chances this week: 4-86-1.
  • Demaryius Thomas had a 2-22-0 receiving line on three targets and 70% of snaps, with a TD overturned on an OPI penalty against backup tight end Daniel Brown.
  • Jamison Crowder's 65% snap share was nothing out of the ordinary, but a 2-18-0 line on four targets gave him his lowest marks across the board since the Luke Falk era. To be fair, Sam Darnold threw just 29 passes in the game, producing 315 yards and two TDs (plus a rushing score). No player on the Jets saw more than five targets.
  • Braxton Berrios played three snaps and broke free for a 69-yard gain on his lone target.
  • Vyncint Smith played 27% of snaps, landing in the 25-to-30% range for a fourth straight week. He's far, far removed from fantasy relevance, but he consistently poaches some playing time that otherwise might go to Crowder or Thomas.

Seahawks 17 Eagles 9


  • Chris Carson dropped to 54% snap share, his lowest since Week 3. He also had season lows for carries (eight) and rushing yards (26) but did catch four passes for 31 yards on four targets. He recovered his own fumble in the fourth quarter, then had a botched handoff with Russell Wilson on the very next play. Rashaad Penny got each of the team's five RB carries thereafter, but Carson did have a reception, so he wasn't necessarily benched.
  • Penny was the big story of the day with a 14-129-1 rushing line on season-high 46% snap share. He didn't get his first touch until the 11-minute mark of the second quarter, and he entered halftime with four carries for 37 yards. Penny did most of his damage on a single drive at the end of the third quarter and beginning of the fourth, with five carries spanning 91 yards (including a 58-yard TD). Carson came out for the next drive but immediately had the aforementioned fumble.
  • Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf ran 27 routes on 32 dropbacks, followed by Hollister (22), Gordon (14), Carson (14), Moore (8), Turner (8) and Penny (7), per PFF.
  • Metcalf stunk it up with three catches (for 35 yards) and three drops on six targets. One of the drops would've been a 38-yard touchdown, though Russell Wilson contributed to the miscue with an uncharacteristic underthrow.
  • Wilson finished the afternoon with six sacks, an interception and a lost fumble, becoming the second Hall of Fame quarterback in as many weeks to struggle against the Eagles defense.


  • Miles Sanders took 12 carries for 63 yards and caught three of five targets for 23 yards, playing 84% of snaps (he got 85% the week before).
  • Jay Ajayi played 12% of snaps and took six carries for 16 yards.
  • Jordan Matthews led the WRs with 96% of snaps, followed by J.J. Arcega-Whiteside (71%), Greg Ward (49%) and Mack Hollins (5%). Alshon Jeffery (ankle) and Nelson Agholor (knee) both were inactive.
  • Dallas Goedert and Zach Ertz played 87% of snaps apiece.
  • Goedert matched a season high with eight targets, but his seven receptions yielded just 32 yards and a lost fumble. He's averaging 4.3 catches for 41.0 yards and 0.5 TDs on 6.0 targets in his past six games.
  • Ertz put up a 12-91-1 receiving line, pushing his three-week averages to 10.0 catches for 96 yards and 0.67 TDs on 12.0 targets. He's truly the only (functioning) show in town.
  • Carson Wentz piled up 80 passing yards and the TD to Ertz on the final drive in garbage time. Prior to that, Wentz completed 25 of 37 passes for 176 yards, zero TDs and two INTs, with three sacks and three fumbles (two lost). It may have been the worst performance of his career, or at least the worst since his rookie season. It didn't help to have RT Lane Johnson out with a concussion and LG Brandon Brooks unable to play due to nausea and vomiting cause by anxiety. Johnson and Brooks are two of the league's best at their respective positions, and Johnson's replacement — rookie first-round pick Andre Dillard — was benched after a brutal first half.
  • The Eagles have allowed 17 or fewer points in four consecutive games, going 2-2 in that span.

Giants 14 Bears 19


  • Daniel Jones had an uncharacteristic game, finishing with just one sack, one turnover and 150 passing yards. He's mostly been a mix of big plays and big mistakes, but he was a dump-off machine in this one, with a 6.4 aDOT significantly shallower than his season mark of 7.8 (which is still comfortably below league average, to be fair).
  • Saquon Barkley played 97% of snaps, taking 17 carries for 59 yards and catching two of three targets for one yard.
  • Sterling Shepard returned from the concussion protocol to lead the Giants' WRs in both snap share (95%) and targets (nine), though he finished with a 5-15-0 receiving line, picking up most of his yards on a single carry (22 yards).
  • Golden Tate finished with a 3-33-1 line on seven targets and 83% of snaps, scoring a 23-yard touchdown on a 4th-and-18 with about four minutes remaining in the game.
  • Darius Slayton played 85% of snaps and brought in four of seven targets for 67 yards.
  • Kaden Smith played 98% of snaps at tight end, catching five of six targets for 17 yards and a touchdown. Fellow tight end Scott Simonson was limited to 18% of snaps.


  • David Montgomery had 13 carries for 22 yards and caught two of three targets for nine yards on 62% of snaps. It was his fourth straight game at 3.5 YPC or worse.
  • Tarik Cohen got 55% of snaps, his third straight week in the 52-to-59% range. He took six carries for 25 yards and caught seven of nine targets for 29 yards. Cohen is on pace for 102 targets, but nobody has noticed because he's averaging just 5.6 yards per catch and 4.0 YPT.
  • Allen Robinson broke out of his slump with a 6-131-1 line on 10 targets, and he had a 60-yard gain wiped out by an illegal hands to the face penalty on center Cody Whitehair.
  • Anthony Miller and Taylor Gabriel played 55% of snaps apiece, with Javon Wims taking 45% and Cordarrelle Patterson at 12%.
  • Miller stood out from that group with six catches for 77 yards on nine targets, coming off 6-54-0 on 11 targets the previous week. He had 30 targets in his first nine games and now has 20 over this last two.
  • TE Ben Braunecker played 71% of snaps and caught two of four targets for nine yards. He had a terrible drop on what might have been a 29-yard touchdown. At the very least, it would've been a 20-plus gain to put the Bears near the goal line. Naturally, Mitchell Trubisky threw an ugly interception four plays later.
  • Robinson led the team with 41 routes on 46 dropbacks, followed by Braunecker (31), Gabriel (29), Miller (27), Cohen (26), Montgomery (21) and Wims (17), per PFF. That means Robinson was the only player above 0.67 routes per dropback.

Jaguars 20 Titans 42


  • Nick Foles threw 48 passes, after 47 the previous week. The Jaguars now are 0-3 in his starts, compared to 4-4 when Gardner Minshew gets the nod. Granted, Minshew picked up his wins against the Titans, Broncos, Bengals and Jets.
  • Leonard Fournette had his best fantasy game of the season — a 24-97-2 rushing line and 9-62-0 receiving line on 12 targets. He played 95% of snaps, up from 78, 83 and 81% the previous three weeks.
  • D.J. Chark played 97% of snaps but finished with a 5-38-0 receiving line on six targets.
  • Chris Conley dropped down to 76% of snaps, losing some work to Keelan Cole (36%). Conley did finish tied for second on the team with nine targets, catching four for 49 yards.
  • Dede Westbrook went for 8-69-0 on nine targets, logging 86% of snaps.
  • Nick O'Leary (52%) and Ben Koyack (51%) formed a timeshare at tight end, with the former accounting for four of the five targets (and catching all of them for 36 yards).
  • The Jacksonville defense has given up more than 200 rushing yards in three consecutive games, allowing 26, 33 and 42 points in those contests. No defense has been worse this season in terms of yards per carry (5.4), and only three teams have allowed more rushing yards per game (142.3).
  • The Jags also have dropped to 20th net yards per pass attempt (6.4), despite ranking fifth in sack rate (8.8) and fourth in QB pressure rate (26.9). They rank 26th in yards allowed per completion (2.1) and t-24th in allowing pass plays of 40-plus yards (eight).


  • Ryan Tannehill threw for two touchdowns on fewer than 20 pass attempts for a second time in as many weeks, this time adding a 7-40-2 rushing line for good measure. He was also sacked just once, after taking at least two sacks in each of his previous four starts. His 92.3 QBR on Sunday was a season high, and he hasn't been any lower than 44.4 in five starts (4-1 record for Tennessee in those games).
  • The Titans produced 187 of their 259 receiving yards after the catch in Sunday's game, with A.J. Brown single-handedly accounting for 96 YAC on four catches.
  • Brown did his damage on 70% of snaps, his highest share this season in a game with Corey Davis active. Davis played 74% of snaps Sunday, catching two of three targets for 29 yards. Davis and Brown tied for the team lead with 17 routes on Tannehill's 22 dropbacks, per PFF.
  • Adam Humphries plummeted to 29% snap share, with Tajae Sharpe picking up 17%. The Titans largely relied on multi-TE formations.
  • Jonnu Smith didn't see any targets, but his 94% snap share was a season high.
  • MyCole Pruitt played 51% of snaps, with Anthony Firkser taking 30% and fullback Khari Blasingame getting 28%.
  • The fullback was a new addition to the offense after a Week 11 bye. Derrick Henry seemed to appreciate it, taking seven carries for 51 yards from multi-back formations.
  • Henry's 75% snap share was his second largest of the season. His four largest shares have come in his four games with 90 or more rushing yards.

Cowboys 9 Patriots 13


  • Ezekiel Elliott played 88% of snaps, taking 21 carries for 86 yards and catching each of his four targets for 40 yards. He's played at least 80% of snaps in every game since Week 3.
  • Tony Pollard made the most of 19% snap share, with four carries for 19 yards and three catches for nine yards on four targets. He's seen a carry or target on 70 of his 134 snaps (52%) this season, producing 4.7 YPC and 6.0 YPT. Pollard is the No. 1 handcuff in fantasy football, ahead of even Alexander Mattison (who probably would lose some pass-catching work to Ameer Abdullah in the event of a Dalvin Cook injury). Of course, Pollard is stuck behind a lead back with an excellent track record for durability.
  • Michael Gallup led the team's skill-position players with 98% snap share, bringing in four of six targets for 55 yards. His stats through nine games prorate to 82-1,303-5 on 133 targets over a 16-game season.
  • Amari Cooper took a goose egg on two targets, but his snap share rebounded to 81%, up from 56% the previous week. He was shadowed by DPOY candidate Stephon Gilmore.
  • Randall Cobb played a season-low 45% of snaps but led the team in both targets (seven) and receiving yards (86). The Cowboys mostly have relied on three-wide formations this year, but they tried to mix things up a bit against a New England defense that's designed to dominate against 11 personnel.
  • Cobb's numbers through 10 games prorate to 62-930-5 on 96 targets over 16 weeks.


  • Tom Brady completed fewer than half his passes for a second time this year, finishing at 46.0% for 5.1 YPA. His performance looks a bit better in terms of QBR (42.2) and PFF grade (71.2), partially because the Patriots had six drops on a rainy day, per PFF.
  • He's now sixth among qualified passers in INT rate (1.1) and third in sack rate (3.9), while he sits 23rd in completion percentage (62.2) and 28th in YPA (6.7)... those are game manager stats but with heavy volume (league-high 439 pass attempts).
  • Sony Michel matched a season high with 21% snap share, taking 20 carries for 85 yards. He came out of the gate with 44 yards on his first five carries before struggling for most of the afternoon. He did ice the game with gains of five and 12 yards on the final drive.
  • James White had season lows for snap share (30%), targets (three), catches (one) and scrimmage yards (minus-one).
  • Rex Burkhead chipped in two carries, five targets and 17 yards on 21% of snaps, stealing from White instead of Michel this week. White's playing time had been independent of Burkhead's availability earlier this season, but we can no longer take that as a given.
  • With Mohamed Sanu (ankle) and Phillip Dorsett (concussion) both inactive, Julian Edelman led the team with eight catches, 93 yards and 12 targets, playing 97% of snaps.
  • N'Keal Harry took 81% of snaps and caught one pass for a 10-yard TD on four targets, with two drops costing him a better stat line (Edelman also had a couple drops).
  • Jakobi Meyers played 77% of snaps and caught four of nine targets for 74 yards.
  • Ben Watson saw just one target and matched a season low with 70% of snaps, while Matt LaCosse bumped up to 49% and also saw one target. Any flirtation with Watson as a fantasy asset should be put on hold.

Packers 8 49ers 37


  • Aaron Rodgers took five sacks and had three completions that went for 10 or more yards, finishing 20-of-33 passing for 104 yards and one touchdown (he also lost a fumble).
  • Aaron Jones played 51% of snaps, finishing with 13 carries, one target and 38 yards.
  • Jamaal Williams took 49%, finishing with 11 carries, eight targets and 80 yards. Williams had the final nine RB touches, so Jones actually had a 13-to-9 advantage at one point. Williams had seven carries for 34 yards on the final drive.
  • Davante Adams played 75% of snaps and posted a 7-43-1 receiving line on 12 targets. He's seen 11, 10 and 12 targets since returning from a toe injury, catching 21 passes for 202 yards and the one TD. Overall, his key rate stats for 2019 are almost identical to 2018: 66.7% catch rate and 8.4 YPT, but with just one touchdown on 46 catches (13 on 111 catches last year).
  • Geronimo Allison played 68% of snaps and drew four targets, with Allen Lazard getting one carry and two targets on 65%. Marquez Valdes-Scantling played 38% of snaps, and even Jake Kumerow took 28%. The rotation behind Adams makes it impossible to count on any of the other guys.
  • Jimmy Graham caught one of two targets for seven yards, handling his smallest snap share (48%) since Week 3. He hasn't seen more than five targets in a game since Week 4, and he's averaging just 3.8 per game for the season.


  • Jimmy Garoppolo completed 14 of 20 passes for 253 yards, with two touchdowns and no turnovers. His 24.0 QBR is one of the more shocking numbers I've seen all season, but it starts to make a little more sense — kind of? — if we consider that he took three sacks on 24 dropbacks, had a fumble that wasn't lost and got a lot of help from his pass catchers (9.6 YAC). Perhaps more importantly, he didn't convert a third down until the game was out of reach midway through the fourth quarter. That said, this mostly is just a good example of how any one stat can be misleading over a tiny sample.
  • Tevin Coleman played 60% of snaps, his largest share since the Week 7 game in Washington with heavy rain. He was limited to an 11-39-1 rushing line and 2-10-0 receiving line on four targets, with five of his carries coming on the 49ers' final drive.
  • Raheem Mostert logged 29% of snaps, with a 6-45-1 rushing line and 1-22-0 receiving line on three targets. He also beefed up his stat line on the final drive, thanks to that 15-yard TD.
  • Jeff Wilson chipped in two carries for 27 yards and one target on 10% of snaps.
  • George Kittle battled through his ankle injury to play 79% of snaps and catch each of his six targets for 129 yards and a touchdown. It was his fourth time this season eclipsing 18 PPR points on eight or fewer targets. He's averaging 5.8 catches for 74.4 yards and 0.33 TDs on just 7.0 targets per game.
  • Deebo Samuel played 73% of snaps and caught both his targets for 50 yards and a TD. He finished without a drop for the first time since Week 8.
  • Emmanuel Sanders had a quiet night on 67% of snaps, catching his lone target for 15 yards.
  • Kendrick Bourne retained the No. 3 receiver role, catching both of his targets for 27 yards on 50% of snaps. Richie James chipped in 27% of snaps, and Dante Pettis got 15%.
  • Kittle, Samuel and Sanders each ran 20 routes on Garoppolo's 24 dropbacks, followed by Bourne (15) and Coleman (13), per PFF.
  • Random thought: Kyle Shanahan's RB usage this season has left little doubt he views Coleman as the best option. I don't see much evidence for that being true, with Coleman at 3.9 YPC, Mostert at 5.4 and Matt Breida at 5.0. YPC is an overrated stat, but a deeper dive also favors the other guys. Coleman finished Week 11 with a 39% success rate, tied with Saquon Barkley for last place among qualified rushers (min. 88 carries). That's bad even for a home-run hitter, and Breida is at 44% using a similar approach. Mostert has forced the same number of missed tackles (17) on 81 touches that Coleman has forced on 134 touches, per PFF. I guess I'm just cherry-picking stats now, but none of the stuff I've looked at (or watched during Niners games) has provided significant evidence in Coleman's favor.

Ravens 45 Rams 6


  • Lamar Jackson's 99.7 QBR gave him a third game this season at 99.5 or better. It was also his third straight week above 90.0 and his sixth in a row above 77.0.
  • Mark Ingram played a season-low 31% of snaps, but it didn't hurt his workload in a game where Baltimore had a 2:1 advantage in time of possession. Ingram had a 15-111-1 rushing line and a seven-yard TD reception, taking eight of the team's 14 RB carries (57%) in the first half and 15 of 37 overall (41%).
  • Ingram has just two games this season outside the range of 12-to-16 carries, and even those weren't too far off (9 and 19). He's fifth among qualified rushers at 5.2 YPC, behind Lamar Jackson (7.1), Devin Singletary (5.8), Raheem Mostert (5.4) and just a sliver behind teammate Gus Edwards (5.2). Yes, Baltimore had three players in the top five.
  • Edwards ended up leading the backfield with 41% snap share Monday night, with 14 carries his most since a Week 1 blowout of the Dolphins. He's averaging 8.3 carries for 52.8 yards and 0.5 TDs over the past four weeks.
  • Justice Hill chipped in with 24% snap share, and it wasn't just garbage-time work. He had three carries for 18 yards before halftime, ultimately finishing with an 8-27-0 rushing line (and no targets).
  • Marquise Brown led the WRs with 63% snap share and caught five of seven targets for 42 yards and two touchdowns. He also had a drop in the end zone, and six of his seven targets came in the red zone.
  • The Ravens otherwise stuck with their rotation of Willie Snead (60%), Miles Boykin (47%) and Seth Roberts (44%), and each contributed more than usual in the box score. Snead scored touchdowns on both of his catches, while Boykin had 54 yards on two targets and Roberts had a season-high 39 receiving yards.
  • Mark Andrews played 41% of snaps and caught two of three targets for 45 yards. The incomplete target could've been ruled as a fumble, which would've been his third of the year.


  • Jared Goff had a third straight game with no touchdowns and at least one interception.
  • Todd Gurley played a season-high 96% of snaps, up from 73% and 76% the previous two weeks. He managed just 19 yards on nine touches.
  • Robert Woods had the best game for any player in the Rams offense with six catches for 97 yards on nine targets, but 67% snap share was his smallest since Week 1 of 2017. Josh Reynolds played 56% of snaps.
  • Cooper Kupp played 98% of snaps and caught six of 10 targets for 35 yards. He's now at three straight games with single-digit PPR points, and a 7-220-1 explosion against Cincinnati is his only game with more than 11 PPR points in his past six appearances.
  • Brandin Cooks caught two of four targets for 32 yards on 78% of snaps.
  • Gerald Everett played 31% of snaps, after 26% the previous week. He caught both of his targets for 23 yards, including a reception in the fourth quarter. Everett appeared to injure his knee while attempting to pass-block earlier in the game, but nothing was ever reported and he obviously stayed in the game. A wrist injury may have contributed to reduced playing time the past two weeks, or it could just be a coaching decision.
  • Tyler Higbee played 71% of snaps and caught five of six targets for 20 yards. His two largest snap shares of the season have come in the past two games, with Higbee taking on some of the snaps that previously had gone to Everett. The Rams have rarely deviated from 11 personnel in recent weeks.

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Editor's Note: Many stats that include a player's rank in a category don't account for the Monday game. 

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Jerry was a 2018 finalist for the FSWA's Player Notes Writer of the Year and DFS Writer of the Year awards. A Baltimore native, Jerry roots for the Ravens and watches "The Wire" in his spare time.
Job Battles: Trent Taylor Time
Job Battles: Trent Taylor Time
ADP Analysis: Superman Sticks His Landing
ADP Analysis: Superman Sticks His Landing
NFL Observations: Going Zero RB
NFL Observations: Going Zero RB
Job Battles: A Swift Downfall for Kerryon?
Job Battles: A Swift Downfall for Kerryon?
FSGA Futures and Props Recap
FSGA Futures and Props Recap
TE Tiers and Rankings (Top 40)
TE Tiers and Rankings (Top 40)