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The Z Files: My Top 20 Shortstops
2 days ago
Todd Zola delivers his initial shortstop rankings and considers whether Trea Turner's speed-heavy profile makes him a riskier first-round pick than players with more power.
The Z Files: My Top 20 Third Basemen
12 days ago
Todd Zola delivers his initial rankings of the top fantasy third basemen and questions whether Matt Chapman will keep improving, or if he's found his level.
The Z Files: My Top 20 Second Basemen (Plus Two)
19 days ago
Todd Zola checks in with his initial rankings at the keystone and wonders how much longer Jose Altuve can remain among the elite at the position.
The Z Files: My Top 20 First Basemen
26 days ago
Todd Zola submits his initial top 20 first basemen and suggests tempering expectations a little for Pete Alonso's sophomore campaign.
The Z Files: My Top 20 Catchers
33 days ago
Todd Zola offers his first set of catcher rankings and wonders how much of a discount the market will place on Salvador Perez after he missed all of 2019.
The Z Files: My Top 20 Starting Pitchers
39 days ago
Todd Zola offers his first look at the top hurlers in his rankings and suggests Jack Flaherty may be ready to join the league's elite on the mound.
The Z Files: Fun With the First Round
47 days ago
Todd Zola looks at the top hitters available in 2020 drafts and wonders if Mookie Betts might be a bargain if he keeps falling out of the top five.
The Z Files: The Two-Headed Monster
53 days ago
Todd Zola reviews his first 2020 draft, selected in partnership with Derek VanRiper, and explains why he's bullish on Yoan Moncada.
The Z Files: Intriguing 2019 Park Factor Notes
61 days ago
Todd Zola looks at some of the park factor fallout from 2019 and tries to figure out how Target Field could suppress power even as Nelson Cruz and the Twins assaulted the single-season homer record.
The Z Files: It's Better To Be Lucky and Good
66 days ago
Todd Zola looks back on his TGFBI-winning roster and notes there was more than luck involved in him drafting breakout players like Cody Bellinger.
The Z Files: Hi, Can I Talk to Derek Please?
73 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at the options that will be available with the second overall pick in his first draft of 2020, with Christian Yelich on the short list.
The Z Files: Tips for the Final Week
80 days ago
Todd Zola offers some tips for the final week of the fantasy season and recommends loading up on players from teams still in the playoff hunt, such as Jason Heyward and the Cubs.
The Z Files: Ten More Late Season Darts
87 days ago
Todd Zola looks at some last-minute shopping options to boost your fantasy squad and thinks Zack Collins' plate discipline could be an asset down the stretch in formats that value OBP.
The Z Files: A Dozen Darts
94 days ago
Todd Zola suggests some hitters who should see enough playing time in September to help you make a final push, including surprising Orioles catcher Pedro Severino.
The Z Files: Second-Half Bullpen and Basepath Observations
101 days ago
Todd Zola digs into recent stolen base and bullpen numbers looking for an edge and notes that Trea Turner isn't the only National who's been tearing up the basepaths lately.
The Z Files: Welcome to The Show
108 days ago
Todd Zola checks out some recently promoted youngsters, including the Mariners' Jake Fraley, to see whether they can give your fantasy squad a boost down the stretch.
The Z Files: Team Schedules at the Quarter Pole
115 days ago
Todd Zola crunches the numbers on every team's schedule over the final quarter of the season and thinks Rangers hitters, such as Nomar Mazara, could have big finishes.
The Z Files: Finding Production from Weaker Lineups
122 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at some under-the-radar hitters who can help you for the stretch run, including Kansas City slugger Jorge Soler.
The Z Files: The Trade Deadline and Park Factors
129 days ago
Todd Zola digs into the impact new home venues could have on the players moved at the trade deadline and thinks Trevor Bauer should be just fine in Cincinnati.
The Z Files: Can They Be Trusted?
136 days ago
Todd Zola digs into the profiles of pitchers who have shown marked improvement lately, such as Reynaldo Lopez, to try and determine whether they're worth rostering.
The Z Files: Stealing Points
143 days ago
Todd Zola examines ways to improve your position in stolen bases and whether it's worth acquiring or deploying a speedster like Mallex Smith.
The Z Files: Eight First Half Disappointments
150 days ago
Todd Zola looks into the hitters who have most failed to meet expectations in the first half and thinks Andrew Benintendi's increased launch angle should eventually start paying dividends.
The Z Files: First Half Takeaways
157 days ago
Todd Zola has some takeaways from last week's list of top first-half earners and finds that rostering contributors with position flex like Ketel Marte has been even more important this season.
The Z Files: First Half Fantasy All-Stars
163 days ago
Todd Zola looks at the top first-half players by earnings and profit and finds that few players have provided a better return on investment than Mariners slugger Daniel Vogelbach.
The Z Files: Catching a Break
171 days ago
Todd Zola notes that the catcher position hasn't been quite the fantasy wasteland it's usually expected to be and looks at the second-half prospects for some breakout backstops, including Mitch Garver.
The Z Files: A Look at Spin Rate
178 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at the physics behind spin rate and pitch movement and examines some of the factors driving Lucas Giolito's breakout campaign.
The Z Files: Average Exit Velocity and Launch Angle
185 days ago
Todd Zola discusses how looking at the averages for exit velocity and launch angle can present an incomplete picture, and analyzes what's driving the power surge of players like Cody Bellinger.
The Z Files: Keeper and Dynasty League Dynamics
192 days ago
Todd Zola offers some tips on how to handle trade season in keeper and dynasty leagues and stresses the importance of determining whether aging aces like Justin Verlander fit your target window for success.
The Z Files: Changing Expectations, Part 2
199 days ago
Todd Zola follows up last week's batch of hitters who have changed their baseline expectations with pitchers who have done the same, including the Reds' Luis Castillo.
The Z Files: Changing Expectations
206 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at hitters like the Dodgers' Cody Bellinger who have moved the needle the most since the preseason, for better or for worse.